Workplace Wellbeing

Corporate Nutrition & Wellbeing Packages

Corporate Nutrition & Wellbeing Packages

Workplace Wellbeing

Charlotte has a wealth of experience of delivering training, workshops, presentations and small group programmes both in and out of the workplace.

If you are looking for a Nutritional Therapist who can support your Workplace Wellbeing initiatives, whether for a one-off session or on-going support, please contact us directly so that we can discuss your requirements and build a bespoke package which will best meet the needs of your staff.

Programmes include the following:

> Presentations/workshops on a range of topics:

>'Optimising energy and concentration in the workplace'
>'Understanding stress and the impact on the body'
>'Balancing hormones naturally'
>'Managing the Menopause Naturally'
>'Gut health and the gut-brain connection'

Workplace Wellbeing

> Practical sessions - engaging and always popular with staff!
Recent workshops have included making the perfect smoothie, tasting and making snacks to optimise energy throughout the day and learning how to keep a food diary and make positive change.

Workshop Testimonials:

"Charlotte made it really simple, quick & easy to follow and do at home as well as pointing out what I could do better in work"

"Since attending the talk on nutrition I have started making my own juices and smoothies, adding ingredients that I would not have thought about using. Avocados, spinach, almond oil and coconut oil are now regulars in my recipes with my favourite fruits. Also, I now prefer to use vegetable juice (carrot and beetroot add sweetness) rather than the usual apple and orange juice. I'm not a regular breakfast eater and having a smoothie in the morning has given me more energy throughout the day"

Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing

> Small group programmes:

Group programmes last between 10-14 days and include introductory presentation, support materials, data analysis and outcomes reporting.
One-to-one nutrition consultations and weights/measurements can also be offered as part of small group programmes.

Small group Testimonials:

"Thankyou Charlotte Pickles I've loved it! It's given me the kick I needed to regain control of what I am eating and make healthy choices. I definitely have more energy and feel less bloated. I thought I would find it really difficult to stick to but my cravings for sugary stuff have stopped and I've enjoyed eating things I don't normally eat!"

"Loved it and what a sharing and caring group! Have definitely lost some weight. Hoping to keep up with healthy breakfasts as it puts me in the right mood/motivation for the rest of the day. Will try to keep the juicing going and I plan to do a fast this week. Thanks everyone, especially Charlotte Pickles. Looking forward to the next programme!"

> Webinars and online programmes.

Charlotte also works in partnership with Unicorn & Co , offering an engaging and innovative digital learning platform for supporting the wellbeing of your staff.
Contact Charlotte for more details about this exciting new venture.

Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing