Moving to Therapy Organics in Wilmslow

Moving to Therapy Organics in Wilmslow

Monday 24th July 2017

I have recently joined the wonderful team at Therapy Organics. Therapy Organics looks at health and beauty from both the inside and outside for a complete and holistic approach. The team are specialists in organic and natural wellness, beauty & lifestyle.

The boutique store of unique, hand picked, organic, natural, beautiful and healthful products offers a true retail 'therapy' experience. Whilst the complementary therapy space offers a range of treatments including nutritional therapy and testing, Bowen Technique, facials, massage and reflexology.

We frequently offer talks and group sessions on various health topics, including skin health, detoxification, reducing inflammation, supporting immune health and natural probiotics. Take a look at the Therapy Organics website for further details about up-coming events.

If you would like a nutrition and wellness plan to be tailored to your specific health needs you can book in a 1:1 appointment with myself by calling 01625 400113.