Transformation Wellness - Winter Wellbeing Retreat!

Transformation Wellness - Winter Wellbeing Retreat!

Tuesday 11th September 2018

A Winter Wellbeing retreat for those wishing to restore deep levels of energy in the depths of winter ready for the lead up to Christmas. Join us for a guided nutritional and restorative journey as we lead you through a blended weekend of learning and rejuvenation. During the weekend you will learn key nutritional and lifestyle secrets that will support you to feel balanced, calm and energised.
Key elements include:

 >Daily yoga and guided meditation to support the mind-body connection and to help you feel fully engaged with yourself and your surroundings.
 >Guided nutritional workshops to encourage full engagement with the food you eat and the choices you can make to support:
o Optimal energy levels.
o Improved immunity over the winter months.
o Blood sugar regulation and healthy weight management.
o Restorative sleep.
o Improved gut health and a healthy microbiome (heavily linked to a wide range of health conditions including problematic skin conditions, hormone imbalances and mental health concerns).
 >Guided walks to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area and the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.
 >Beautiful hide-away house which encourages you to relax, unwind and soak up the natural surrounding habitat.
 >Toxin-free environment, organic and vegetarian; you will be supported to gently cleanse, recharge and energise over this special 2-day transformational weekend.


Friday 30th November: Arrive 3pm for a 4pm welcome introduction
Sunday 2nd December: 4pm checkout

Prices range from £425 - £580 per person depending on rooms and sharing arrangements.
Early bird rates are available for booking before 30th September
Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements.