Feel Fabulous - Energise!

Friday 22nd February 2019

As part of our 'Feel Fabulous Fortnights' in partnership with Therapy Organics in Wilmslow, this is our very special Spring-time 'Energise' programme! A two-week guided nutritional programme, designed to help you make better dietary and lifestyle choices to feel lighter, brighter and ready for the Spring! Complete with shopping lists, recipes and a private Facebook group to keep you motivated, what better way to shed those extra winter pounds and start feeling like you again. Join us for the introductory evening on Thursday 7th March at Therapy Organics, 7pm. The programme will then start on Monday 11th March for 2 weeks! Contact Therapy Organics on 01625 400113 to book your place. £45 per person.

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Special Offer!

Friday 1st February 2019

Throughout February I am offering a very special offer price when 3 appointments are booked together. The price for 1 x Initial Consultation (75 mins) and 2 x Follow-up Consultations (45 mins each) will be just £150, providing a saving of £65! Booking 3 appointments together can really help you to optimise the help I am…

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Take the 50-food challenge this week and improve diversity in the gut!

Friday 26th October 2018

Skin issues? Think about the gut. Poor immune health? Consider the gut. Weight gain? Have you thought about the gut? Anxiety? It's connected to the gut! These days there isn't a single condition that doesn't seem to have a connection with the gut. As we learn more and more about the billions of bacteria housed in there, and their…

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Transformation Wellness - Winter Wellbeing Retreat!

Tuesday 11th September 2018

A Winter Wellbeing retreat for those wishing to restore deep levels of energy in the depths of winter ready for the lead up to Christmas. Join us for a guided nutritional and restorative journey as we lead you through a blended weekend of learning and rejuvenation. During the weekend you will learn key nutritional and lifestyle secrets that will support you to feel…

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Client testimonial...

Saturday 5th May 2018

Always lovely to receive feedback from clients, particularly when it's as lovely as this! Really made my day - thanks Alison; my pleasure :) _ I have known and worked with Charlotte Pickles Nutrition for a few years and Charlotte's work and knowledge within the nutrition field is outstanding. Her commitment and passion to help her clients really shines through in her work. Charlotte is a very supportive, informed and professional Nutritional Therapist. She excels in being able to identify the root cause by listening and piecing each bit together like a puzzle. Every symptom was matched to a nutrition protocol, supplement recommendation or a self help…

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Tuesday 13th March 2018
Charlotte Pickles, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Join me for an evening of learning and education on Wednesday 25th April in order to discover key nutritional secrets for increasing energy production, reducing fatigue and feeling energised ready for the Spring! Dietary choices, lifestyle, stress and toxins can slow down our metabolism and increase the need for liver detoxification. This draws on our energy reserves and can leave us feeling 'sluggish' and fatigued. In this 1.5 hour talk, We will be looking at cellular energy production and essential nutrients that enable key chemical processes to take place. We will discuss ways to produce a higher…

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"Winter health; looking after the whole family"

Saturday 28th October 2017
Wednesday 8th November 6:30-8:00pm. Therapy Organics, 5 Bank Square, Wilmslow, SK9 1AN

I am delivering a talk on taking care of the whole family during the winter months. The talk will include how to support your immunity to fight against common coughs and colds and chest infections throughout…

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Moving to Therapy Organics in Wilmslow

Monday 24th July 2017

I have recently joined the wonderful team at Therapy Organics. Therapy Organics looks at health and beauty from both the inside and outside for a complete and holistic approach. The team are specialists in organic and natural wellness, beauty & lifestyle. The boutique store of unique, hand picked, organic, natural, beautiful and healthful products offers a true retail 'therapy' experience. Whilst the complementary therapy space offers a range of treatments including nutritional therapy and testing, Bowen Technique, facials, massage and reflexology. We frequently offer talks and group sessions on various health topics, including skin health, detoxification, reducing…

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