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Celery - a powerful tonic and superfood?

Wednesday 13th March 2019
Charlotte Pickles, Registered Nutritional Therapist

So...if you follow social media you will have seen that raw celery juice has made it in to realms of 'superfood' alongside the likes of avocado (which IS amazing by the way!), bone broth, kefir and beetroot (more on these in future blogs if you're not sure what's so good about these either!). Anthony Williams, New York Times' best selling author of 'Medical Medium' brought the benefits to our attention earlier in the year, and with so many health claims I have finally decided to give it a go! According to Williams, the benefits of celery juice are most powerful when the juice is taken by itself, not with other vegetables or fruit. This means that to get a decent amount of…

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Friday 8th February 2019

Digestive issues

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