One to One Nutrition Consultation

One to One Nutrition Consultation

One to One Consultations

1:1 Consultations

During the current coronavirus epidemic, Skype and telephone consultations are available. I am also offering discounts for family consultations. Please contact me for details.

Initial consultation: £95 (75 minutes)

Prior to your initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a food diary and a health questionnaire.
During the consultation, we will use these to discuss your main health concerns and current symptoms in order to get a full picture of your health. We will then agree a personalised nutritional plan, which will include diet and lifestyle changes as well as supplements where appropriate.

Follow-up consultation(s): £60 (45 minutes)

A follow-up appointment is recommended roughly 4 weeks after your initial consultation in order to review your progress and make changes to your plan if necessary.
I am currently running offers on appointments booked together; contact me directly for details!.

Please call 07949 522831 or email if you'd like to make an appointment.

1:1 Consultations

Client Testimonials:

"I cannot thank Charlotte enough for the changes she introduced into my daily diet with her gentle, professional and insightful approach. I have so much more energy now and feel my diet has improved so much in the last few weeks. I will keep up at it and keep using Charlotte's services."

"Put simply, Charlotte has transformed my life. Having suffered with a chronic disease for more than a year I decided that something had to change. I have also yo-yo dieted on and off for years and I've never really known which way to turn or what decisions to make. All of that has changed with the help of Charlotte. She is incredibly supportive and her knowledge is superb. She has tailored a sustainable plan specific to me and my dietary needs. With her help I have never felt better and I have fallen back in love with healthy eating. You really are what you eat"

"I have always been health conscious with an interest in diet and exercise but after undergoing fertility problems decided to see Charlotte. Charlotte was very thorough and incredibly knowledgable and with her support I made some lifestyle changes that had a positive impact on my life. I felt like I had more energy, was much less tired and was fuller for longer. What's more I am now 17 weeks pregnant and believe these changes contributed. Since discovering I was pregnant I have had another appointment with Charlotte who again made diet, excercise and supplement recommendations. All of which I found easy to adopt. I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone looking to make positive changes to their life"